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May 16, 2009



That color is gorgeous! Thanks for checking in. I was getting worried even though I don't get much time for reading blogs, yours had lapsed for a while with no posts. And no pretty flickr pics! You are one busy momma. Best of luck to you.

Happy Belated Birthday to Measure! I guess that is what I can look forward to?! She is 16 months and doesn't say any words yet, except babbling. When she recently got sick, she learned to scream in a high pitch voice when we would say no to her or thwart her plans. Sigh!


OMG . . . is that gorgeous yarn or what?! You should know, I hate text speak so that took every ounce of energy to type but is perfectly adequate. Congrats on the teaching job! Welcome to the wonderful world of, "But I thought I could turn it in today. It's only three days late," and, "What do you mean my daughter can't have extra credit?!" Yup, it will happen in college.


Congrats on the teaching job!

That is beautiful yarn.

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