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September 07, 2007



YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I can't tell you how excited I was to see this blog! I also hate the lard like middle of the oreo. The outside however is one of my all time favorite cookies but with all the scrapping of the cream it hardly makes it worth it to eat. Now I can make only the outside & enjoy it without all the work! Thank you!


OK, I just have to know--how did you get the cookies to come out so nice & flat? Mine were all puffy...


I must say I've never thought much about oreos other than to think about how sad it is that nabisco had to knock off the whoopie pie, because we all know that whoopie pies are in fact the perfect handheld dessert and needn't be knocked off. Then again, I think this just goes to show I have indeed thought too much about oreos... I'm glad to know there's others out there like me!


Oh, yummy! I saw these on thebrownsheep and made them immediately. Filling and all.
They're so delicious! I'll never eat 'real' Oreos again :)

Jon Williams

would be cool also if they sold the oreo cookie parts so that I could make my own filling.

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