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August 30, 2008



That looks fantastic!


Thank you for the tips! I am constantly looking to see what i can do to make my homemade pizza even better than it is! ...which is pretty good! I'm not sure i will give up the olive oil in favor of Crisco, but keeping the dough wetter is definitely better for a crispy and light crust. I incorporate a sourdough starter (more of a batter), and use my bread machine to make the dough, so it is usually guesswork as to the amounts of water and flour. Very much in the plan is to make the dough earlier in the day and let the flavors develop more!

Jordans Sneakers

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Natlfy- It's VERY difficult to come by flour in Norway that is not all-purpose, rye, whole-wheat, spelt, or barley. Meaning, self-rising or any other type of enriched white flour is not common in the Norwegian kitchen, so i just use the regular old all-purpose for most of my baking needs.

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